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Planetary Football
Betting Pool

The People's Betting

A football pool betting born in Sweden in 1934 and reborn in 2020 in Asia

Here you will be able for to play and compete against other football fans for a cash
prize in Bitcoin: global, authority & censorship resistant, decentralized money

Lottery-size jackpots

To make a bet, you have to predict winners in 13 matches of the top European leagues that are played over a weekend. All individual bets are put in a single pool, which is then distributed among winners. Many small stakes combined lead to a massive jackpot for the winners. We accept as small bets as 1,000 SAT, and the minimum prize is 0.1 BTC.

Boost your chances

To win a prize, you need to guess the results of at least 10 out of 13 matches. You can  select multiple outcomes in every presented game to boost your chances or go with a minimal bet and test your luck instead. Every additionally chosen result will increase the cost of your bet.

Estimate your reward

1,000 SAT1,280,000 SAT
Guessed matchesAverage BetParticipantsMaximum Prize

Bankless payments

We use Lightning Network to accept bets from people worldwide: a farmer from Vietnam, a fisherman from Russia, or a carpenter from Nigeria. There is no racial, gender, or economic discrimination -  you don't even need a bank account to place a bet or withdraw a prize.

Sports fans united

The current status quo in betting is governed by the "divide & conquer" approach when gamblers are isolated from each other. Rich social, even family experience is mostly replaced with dopamine-loops-based one on one interactions with big, faceless entities.
We are hungry, digital-native, and are here to challenge that.